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Common Mistaken Ideas Of Electric Heating Tube Purchase
Jun 26, 2017

We often receive some customers for electric components, including heating tube, electric tube, carbon fiber heating tube, stainless steel electric tube, single hair heat pipe, ceramic heating tube, quartz heating tube, electric wire, electric circle, heating board inquiries, often found some in the purchase of relevant electrical pipe areas of misunderstanding, organized as follows, for reference.

Mistake one, the customer often too values the price, ignores the product quality. For example, often ask you how much the electric tube? We can not help but ask a series: what Electric Tube? What is the power of the electric tube? What's the voltage? How long is it? How much is the diameter of the pipe? What is the fastener requirement? What is the wiring requirement? If these questions are not clear, we cannot quote. Then is the price contrast, as if the price is the only hard truth, in fact, it is difficult to buy the right electric tube, mainly to see your actual needs, different quality requirements, the price is not the same.

Misunderstanding two, customers often too value power, material, ignoring the actual use of the environment or requirements of the product. For example, some customers do not need to be too high power, but often require us to do high power, the result is because the power is too large, electric tube overload, resulting in an electric heat pipe is not durable and so on. In addition there is too much emphasis on the selection of materials, and the actual use of the process does not need to use too good material, this will increase the cost of the electric pipe procurement.

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