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Comprehensive Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Electric Heating Tube
Oct 20, 2017

Comprehensive characteristics of stainless steel electric heating tube

1., small size, high power: the electric heater mainly uses cluster type tubular heating element, each cluster type tubular electric heating element maximum power up to 5000KW.

2. thermal response fast, high temperature control accuracy, high comprehensive thermal efficiency.

3., wide range of application, strong adaptability: the cycle heater can be applied to explosion-proof or ordinary occasions, its explosion-proof level can reach B and C class, its withstand voltage up to 10Mpa. The cylinder can be installed vertically or horizontally according to the user's needs.

4. heating temperature is high: the highest design temperature of the heater can reach 850 degrees, which can not be obtained by the general heat exchanger.

5. fully automatic control: through the heater circuit design, the temperature, pressure, flow and other parameters can be automatically controlled, and can be connected with the computer, to achieve man-machine dialogue.

6., long life, high reliability: the heater is made of special electric heating material, plus the design power load is reasonable, the heater uses multiple protection, so that the heater safety and life increased greatly.

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