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Cooler Defrost Three Models Who Can Win PK?
Jun 12, 2018

The defrosting of the chiller plays an important role in the cooling process. Because the gaps of the chiller fins are easily blocked, when the fins are frosted, the cooling performance of the fins will be reduced, and the cooling effect will be affected. When the continuously increasing amount of frost accumulates to a certain amount, the air supply resistance will be greatly increased, and the fan load will be increased. This will not only increase the power load but also shorten the service life of the air blower.

Defrosting can restore the cold and heat exchange capacity of the chiller and improve the cooling effect. Otherwise, the refrigeration capacity of the refrigerator will drop even without cooling or damage. In defrosting, the chiller must be stopped from cooling and input a considerable amount of heat, that is, the defrosting heat power is always always greater than the chiller's thermal power, which will cause the temperature of the chiller to rise (generally 3~5°C). Defrosting causes the frequent recovery of the temperature of the depot, which will cause dehydration and aging of the fruit and vegetable, directly affecting the quality of storage.

Cold air machine

Changzhou Dongli concluded that there are four commonly used methods of defrosting: artificial defrosting has a higher labor intensity but lower costs. Electrothermal defrosting is convenient, easy to operate, easy to implement automatic control, but it consumes energy. Water defrosting is suitable for the defrosting of the cooling fan of the direct cooling system and saves energy. The hot-fluorine defrosting effect is good, the time is short, and the labor intensity is low. It is applicable to all types of evaporators, and the system is simple, easy to operate and manage, and the cost is low, but the required pipeline is longer. Dongli chillers use imported heating pipes, which have low maintenance rate and low energy consumption.

Wu Xiaoming, sales manager of Shenzhen Dongluoyang Industry Co., Ltd. pointed out: “The difference between a chiller defrost and a defrost tube is that it is fast, convenient, and does not require manual defrosting. It also eliminates the need to remove the goods from the warehouse and remove it. Frost."

According to Long Bo, R&D manager of Guangzhou Ximai Ke Refrigeration General Equipment Co., Ltd., spray water defrosting uses a water spray device to spray water on the surface of the evaporator to flush the frost layer away from the evaporator, thus achieving the purpose of defrosting. This method of operation is relatively simple and effective, but operating at low ambient temperatures for long periods of time may cause icing, making the problem worse. In this case, it is also possible to replace the water with a salt solution with a higher freezing point to avoid the occurrence of icing. This method is generally suitable for medium and large air-cooled refrigerators. Electrothermal defrosting is the use of electric heating tubes inside the cooling fan to heat the fins. When the temperature of the fins increases, the frost layer melts and the cream layer falls off. The use of electric defrosting systems is relatively simple and the operation is not complicated, but the disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of electricity and increases the operating costs of cold storage. At the same time, it will bring about fluctuations in the temperature of the cold storage, affecting the quality of the goods. This method is mostly used for cold storage of small and medium-sized air coolers.

Hot-fluorine defrosting is the use of high-temperature refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor, into the evaporator, the evaporator temporarily as a condenser, using the heat released when the hot working fluid is condensed, the frost layer on the evaporator surface is melted. When defrosting with hot air, the load on the condenser is reduced and the operation of the condenser can also save some electrical energy. From this, it can be seen that defrosting of thermal fluid is the most economical way of defrosting a chiller, and this method is suitable for large, medium and small types of cold storage.

Dong Luyang pointed out that “defrosting does cause headaches for many people. Dong Lu Yang cold storage smart machine products use self-developed hot gas defrosting type chillers and can determine whether to enter the defrost conditions based on system operating status parameters. There is frost and defrost, and no frost does not eliminate. Compared with electric heating defrosting, the power consumption is reduced by about 80%."

Ximai Ke also believes that the use of electric melting cream is easy to use, and water scouring cream saves costs. The company's electric defrost coolers and water defrost coolers are aesthetically pleasing, with a long range of fans, even frosting, and smooth drainage. Mainly used in cold storage above 0 degrees, frozen storage around -18 degrees, quick freezing storage below -25 degrees.

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