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Crankcase Heater Heating Belt For Compressor
May 09, 2018

Crankcase heater heating belt for compressor

Product description


Working environment temperature of designed air-conditioner compressor is about 4° C While surround evironment temperature is bellow zero air conditioner is hard to make enough heat to meet the requirement.

In situation, a subsidiary electric heater is necessarily used at end of central airconditioner to make the supplementary heat


Our subsidiary electric heater series are the most suitable and ideal heating source designed and manufacture for this appliance, moreover, our subsidiary heater series do not need any other subsidiary equipment. They have such many obvious advantage as being easy in installing, safe in operating and maintenance.


Products type: electric heating wire(band), stainless steel band heater and PTC electric heating element.


Applied insertion to rated voltage bellow 450v,50-60HZ, related humidity≤90%. Diffuse heat after conducting at electricity in an environment temperature of -30°C-+50°C.It is generally used in central air conditioner compressor. It is also applied in cold area, and oil tube.

Electric heating band

Apply Cr20Ni80 wire to be winded on glass fiber, epiboly with silicone rubber as insulation heat conduct layer, with its end using heat resistance silicone rubber wire connection electric heat element.

Electric heating wire

Cr20Ni80 wire to be winded on a glass fiber to be covered with silicone rubber used as heat conductor, to be wrapped with stainless steel woven sheath, ends of heating wire, lead wire to be connected with.

Technical data

Insulation resistance: after putting the whole tube in water for 24 hours, insulation resistance≥1000Mohm

Dielectric test of AC1800V/1Min, no flashover happened

leakage current in working temperature≤0.1mA

power deviation:±7% at rated voltage

Down-lead intension: after the test of 30N pull, the down-lead part does not be moved or ruptured.

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