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Description Of Embedded Ceramic Far Infrared Heater
Mar 28, 2018

Description of Embedded Ceramic Far Infrared Heater

Structure of embedded far - infrared heater

     Embedded ceramic heater, the Department of the use of high emissivity glaze layer, good thermal shock performance of the ceramic as the matrix, high-quality nickel-based gold wire from a sintering.

Main Technical Parameters and Properties of Embedded Ceramic Far Infrared Heater

1, the substrate bending strength of 440kg / cm2;

2, under normal temperature component resistance of 1012 Ou mother 0cm;

3, chemical stability, corrosion resistance; (anti-oxidation effect is better);

4, the use of non-radiative surface heat loss is small;

5, the substrate heated to 800 ℃ into cold water dozens of times without cracking;

6, the radiation component heating power to the rated power, power loss 40 times immersed in cold water loss;

7, the maximum radiation rate of radiation components greater than 0.9;

8, energy - saving effect is obvious, than the silicon carbide components can be increased by 10-25%;

9, the service life than the carbonated components to extend several times more;

Application of Embedded Ceramic Far Infrared Heater

1, metal coating industry: bicycles, sewing machines, automobiles, locomotives, universal angle iron, metal chairs, aluminum alloy steel ring, car toys, air compressors, household machinery, painting, Heat treatment drying.

2, wood coating industry: furniture, guitar, plywood, such as painting, lacquer, toys coating.

3, the plastic coating industry: TV, tape recorder shell and other low-temperature coating.

4, electroplating industry: aluminum windows, electronic components after the electroplating of the water drying.

5, wire and cable industry: insulation where the water drying and insulation rubber or PVC plus sulfur.

6, the food industry: cakes, squid, silk, such as processing, canned radiant heat treatment, biscuits, rice baking.

7, the packaging industry: PVC shrink, PVC, PSP vacuum forming.

8, the plastic industry: tape softening, embossing, preheating, foam, tape, from the type, hook rod FRP processing.

9, dyeing and finishing fiber industry: non-woven drying stereotypes, printing cloth drying, carpet adhesive, dyeing and finishing after the cloth, fabric paste, dyeing drying. 10, the paper industry: carton fold on the paste drying, drying glassware printing.

11, the glass industry: the image tube coated dry, dry glassware printing.

12, the electronics industry: PC circuit boards, aluminum, resistive parts, such as the treatment, Mingban printing, thick film IC coating against dry.

13, footwear industry: shoes, shoes and other glue of the drying, sulfur stereotypes.

14, the pharmaceutical industry, canned class: 250 ℃ high temperature sterilization.

15, home appliances categories: Diannuan Qi, electric oven, dryers, three warm works.

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