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Detailed Principles And Use Of Electric Hot Plate
Mar 03, 2018

Detailed principles and use of electric hot plate

There are two main categories of electrothermal alloys: one is ferritic chromium-aluminum alloy; the other is austenitic nickel-chromium alloy. The two types of alloys because of different organizational structure, performance is not the same. But as the electric material they have more advantages, and therefore in all countries have been a lot of production and extensive use.

    First, the characteristics of nickel-chromium electrothermal alloy


    1, high temperature high strength

    Nickel-chromium alloy because of high temperature strength than iron and chromium aluminum high temperature is not easy to use when the deformation of the layout of the components of choice.


    2, long-term use of its plasticity is still very good

    Nickel-chromium alloy after prolonged use will not become brittle after cooling down, therefore, the use of more reliable heating element, after the damage is also easy to repair.

    3, high emissivity

    The fully oxidized Ni-Cr alloy has a higher emissivity than the Fe-Cr-Al alloy, so the temperature of the Ni-Cr alloy is slightly lower than that of FeCrAl when the surface load is the same.

    4, non-magnetic

    Nickel-chromium alloy non-magnetic, which for some low-temperature use of the device is more appropriate. Iron-chromium alloy to 600 ℃ above is not magnetic.

    5, better corrosion resistance

    Nickel-chromium alloys are generally less corrosion-resistant than unoxidized iron-chromium-aluminum alloys (except for sulfur-containing atmospheres and certain controlled atmospheres).

    Second, the characteristics of iron-chromium-aluminum heating alloy:


    1, the use of high temperature in the atmosphere

    Fe-Cr-Al alloy in the HRE alloy the highest temperature of up to 1400 ℃, and nickel-chromium alloy in the Cr20Ni80 alloy the maximum temperature of 1200 ℃.

    2, long service life

    At the same higher temperature in the atmosphere, the life of the Fe-Cr-Al element can be 2-4 times that of the Ni-Cr element.

    3, the surface load is high

    As Fe-Cr-Al alloy allows the use of high temperature, long life, so the component surface load can also be higher, which not only makes fast heating alloy material can be saved.

    4, good oxidation resistance

    The Al2O3 oxide film formed on the surface of Fe-Cr-Al alloy is dense and has good adhesive property with the substrate, so it is not easy to pollute the scattered flower water. In addition, Al2O3 high resistivity, high melting point, these factors determine the oxidation of Al2O3 film has excellent oxidation resistance. Carburizing performance than the nickel-chromium alloy surface generated Cr2O3 good.

    5, the proportion of small

    The proportion of iron-chromium-aluminum alloy is smaller than that of nickel-chromium alloy, which means that the same components are made of iron chromium aluminum than nickel chromium more material.

    6, high resistivity

    Fe-Cr-Al alloys have a higher specific resistance than Ni-Cr alloys, and can be used to design components with larger alloy sizes. This is beneficial to extending the service life of the components. This is especially important for fine alloy wires.

    7, anti-sulfur performance

    Fe-Cr-Al has good corrosion resistance to sulfur-containing atmosphere and surface contaminated by sulfur-containing substances, while nickel-chromium will be seriously eroded.

    8, cheap

    Ferrochrome aluminum because it does not contain more scarce nickel, to help the price much cheaper than nickel chromium.

    9, the shortcomings of iron-chromium alloy

    Mainly low temperature strength, with the increase of temperature plasticity increases, causing component deformation.

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