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Electric Tube Non - Standard Style And Advantages
Mar 24, 2018

Electric tube non - standard style and advantages

Whether it is life or industrial equipment, we see the electric tube is a diversified variety of varieties, different forms. In fact, not only heating pipe

Only used in life, in the industrial field, the use of electric heating tube is also very popular, can be said that as long as the heating equipment and related to both

Have to use the electric heater products. For example, we often say that the single-head heating pipe (mold hole heating), U-type heating pipe (dry or liquid heating can be), fin heating tube (dry), flange heating pipe (liquid heating, Immersion liquid heating).

In fact, there are many ways for the heating, heating of coal raw materials, etc., why now more and more customers choose electric heating it, in fact, he also has its own advantages, and today heating pipe manufacturers - Talk about its advantages!

【High efficiency】

Stainless steel heating tube is the electric current to heat energy to work, it can use 220V or 360V voltage, when used in the basic to meet our high temperature needs. An ordinary electric heating tube to use the maximum power can reach 1800W, and can be used continuously for up to 3400 hours and not easily damaged.

【Convenient operation】

Electric heating pipe easy to use, as long as the heating wire can be energized, the thermal effect of current, the temperature can be quickly raised to the effect we need. Compared to the old-fashioned heating a lot easier, such as oil heating, the use of the need to constantly add fuel, it is very troublesome.

【Costs and Costs】

Electric tube low price, the use of the basic material is stainless steel, with good power performance, long-term use for the enterprise can save a large part of the cost of capital.

【Simple manufacturing process】

Electrothermal tube production process is relatively simple, but not tolerate a trace of sloppy, it is the core of the internal resistance wire, stainless steel heating tube resistance wire determines the merits of the quality of electric heating pipe.

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