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Electric Tube Refrigerator Defrosting Aluminum Heating Tube
Jun 22, 2018

Description of Aluminum tube heater

Use aluminum tube  as carrier,putsilicon heating wire or PVC heating wire into tube to make different shape of heat part.Separate them into two types according to aluminum tube outer diameter.It is good in seal,instant in heat conduction.


Applications of Aluminum Defrost Tube Heating Element

Apply to rated voltage bellow 250V,50-60Hz,related humidity≤90%,diffuse heat after conduct electricity in an environment temperature of -30℃-+50℃.

Aluminum Defrost heater is used for Refrigerator, Freezer ,Evaporator ,Unit cooler ,condenser and So on, Aluminum Defrost Heaters are produced aluminum sheath materials and also there is huge variety of selection of termination styles available.Defrost heater are custom designed in a various shapes to address client’s requirements.


1)  Used to defrosting and heat preservation for refrigerator

2)  Freezer as well as other electrical equipment.

3)  It will use in Range hood, Heat and Evaporate oil


Technical Data of Aluminum heating tube

  • Insulation resistance:after putting the whole tube in water for 24 hours,insulation resistance≥100MΩ,after heating for 30min,the heated insulation resistance≥20MΩ.

  • Dielectric test of AC2000V and destine current 10mA and working for 2S,the tube does not have the flashover phenomenon.

  • Leakage current:leakage current under 1.15 times of rated power≤0.5mA.

  • Power tolerance:rated power of rated voltage +5%-10%.

  • Down-lead intension:after the test of 100N pill,the lead wire part does not get moved and ruptured.

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