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Electric Tubular Heaters
May 22, 2018

Electric tubular heaters are easy to install and maintain. 

Designed for heating liquids and gases in tanks and pressure vessels, tubular electric heaters are ideal for applications requiring higher kilowatts.

Shengzhou Beno custom made milled groove tubular heaters for any application. Tubular heaters are a versatile and economical heat source for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.
Standard tube diameters are 8mm 10mm 12mm 16mm,18mm,20mm etc, but other special sizes are available for replaceable milled groove tubular heaters. Based on the diameter, lengths can be supplied up to 6000mm. Standard sheath materials are Stainless Steel 201, 304, 316 ,321, but special sheath materials may be available based on diameter and size of the element required.

Application for cartridge heater:

Water Deionized, Demineralized, Clean, Potable, Process
Industrial Water Rinse Tanks
Vapor Degreasers
Hydraulic Oil, Crude, Asphalt
Lubricating Oils at API Specified Watt Densities
Air and Gas Flow
Process Air Equipment
Boiler Equipment etc

Product Name

Water boiler tubular heating tube


SS201, SS304, SS316, SS321,Tianium,incoloy 800etc

Tube diameter

Φ6mm-Φ30mm or customized

Insulation material


Resistance wire


Wattage density



L shape,W shape.U shape,straight,round,irregular or customized



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