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Electric Wire
Jun 26, 2017

Fe-cr-Al and Ni-cr electrothermal alloys are generally strong in their antioxidant properties, but because the furnace contains a variety of gases, such as air, carbon atmosphere, sulfur atmosphere, hydrogen, nitrogen atmosphere and so on, these gases have a certain effect on the components under high temperature. Although all kinds of electric alloy in the factory before the oxidation treatment, but in the transport, winding, installation and other links will be a certain degree of damage caused by components, and reduce the service life, in order to prolong the service life, require customers before using the pre-oxidation treatment, The method is to install the electrothermal alloy components, in the dry air heating to the maximum allowable temperature below the alloy 100-200 degrees, insulation 5-10 hours, and then with the furnace cooling can be.

It is understood that: the diameter thickness of electric wire is the highest use of temperature-related parameters, the larger the diameter of the electric wire, the more easily overcome the high temperature deformation problems, prolong their service life. Electric wire in the highest operating temperature under the operation, should maintain the diameter of not less than 3mm, flat belt thickness of not less than 2mm. The service life of the electric filament is also related to the diameter and thickness of the electrothermal wire. Electric wire is used in high-temperature environment, the surface will form a protective oxide film, the oxide film exists for a period of time and will be aging, forming a continuous process of formation and destruction, this process is the process of internal elements of the furnace wire, the diameter and thickness of the larger furnace wire element content more, the service life is longer.

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