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Electrothermal Principle
Jan 29, 2018

Electrothermal principle

Electrothermal principle

When the current flows through the conductor, the conductor heats up. This heat generated by the electric current is called electric heating. Electricity generated by electricity, the energy into the phenomenon of energy, called the electric.


The use of electric principle can be made of a variety of electric heaters, such as electric iron, electric stove, electric iron, electric oven, water heater, electric hatch box.

Experiments show that: resistance resistance, current equal to the case, the longer the power, the current heat generated more.

Modern in the electric has developed into an industry, known as the electric industry (also known as electric industry).

According to the different subdivision of the conductor can be divided into

(0-700 degrees) PTC electric heating element (self-limiting temperature, automatic temperature control)

Electrothermal membrane electric heating elements (metal type and spray type)

General domestic metal electric wire electric heating element technology has reached international standards, but also for our country to create a lot of foreign exchange earnings,

The PTC-type because of the limitations of the temperature, electric film-type electric components because of its production pollution problems have been unable to be resolved in the production subject to many restrictions

So far can not get rapid development

According to the different temperature is divided into:

Low temperature (up to 100 degrees, commonly used in liquid heating, such as water),

Medium temperature (100-500 degrees, commonly used in electric stoves, baking equipment),

High temperature (500 degrees -1100 degrees commonly used in high-temperature furnace, ultra-high temperature type (1100-1300 degrees, commonly used in test equipment, special occasions with the furnace)

Now the domestic electric heating technology, although there have been great development, but the general domestic electric heating components most commonly used in the maximum temperature of 500 degrees, more than 500 degrees, the life expectancy is very short.

Ultra-high temperature electric components due to technical barriers, and now advanced manufacturing technology in China is also a vacancy, the technology also mastered the hands of foreign manufacturers of electric, electric domestic manufacturers need to tackle key problems.

Joule 's Law

Joule's Law:

Current through the conductor heat generated by the current with the power of the square is proportional to the resistance of the conductor is proportional to, proportional to the time with the power. This law is called Joule law, it was first discovered by the British scientist Joule.

Joule's law can be expressed by the following formula:

Q = I ^ 2Rt

Electrothermal formula also has another representation:

Q = W = Pt = UIt = (U ^ 2 / R) t

However, this formula only applies to pure resistance circuit, that is, when the current through the conductor, if all the energy into heat, but not at the same time into other forms of energy, then the pure resistance circuit, the current Q is equal to the consumption of electricity W, i.e., Q = W = UIt.

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