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Explosion - Proof Inner Circulating Oil Drum Heater
Apr 28, 2018

The inner circulation explosion-proof oil drum heater can be easily put into the oil tank, and the heat generated by the heater is supplied to the crude oil to be heated. The circulating device will heat the crude oil and the heating device will work through the electronic control system. Explosion-proof electric heater does not need to be fixed in the tank, can be moved at any time to simplify the process; save installation costs. With the circulation function, can reduce the heating power of the device.

The heating container is provided with an insulating liquid and an electric heating wire. A power interface and a temperature control switch are arranged on the base, and the electric heating wire is connected with the power interface. Compared with the prior art, the convective electric heat conduction heating method adopts the electric heating wire to directly heat the insulating liquid, and can effectively utilize the heat energy, is safe and reliable, has long service life, and is widely applicable to various electric heaters, and has great Economic Value.

A heating unit having a resistance heating material, and a heat conduction sheath provided on at least a part of the heating unit. The heater also includes a pair of terminal ends extending from the resistance heating material for connecting the heating unit to the external power source. The thermally conductive sheath comprises an electrically insulating composite exhibiting anisotropic thermal conductivity with enhanced transparency to infrared radiation along an axis perpendicular to the surface of the resistance heating material.

For heating purposes, the heater subassembly may form a flexible body and a rigid body. The flexible body heater uses a flexible housing that encloses the heater subassembly with a housing that expands when heated to provide a close fit during use. The heater subassembly may be inserted into the cavity of the flexible body and the rigid body to fill the potting material with any remaining voids and then the rigid and flexible bodies may be used for heating purposes.

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