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Features Of Stainless Steel Heating Pipe
Mar 22, 2018

Features of stainless steel heating pipe

Stainless steel heating pipe overview:

Stainless steel heating pipe is a metal tube for the shell along the center axis of the uniform spiral electric wire (nickel chromium, iron chrome alloy) gap filled with good thermal insulation properties of magnesia sand, both ends of the nozzle with silica gel Or ceramic seal, this metal armored heating element can heat the air, metal mold and a variety of liquids. In the high-temperature stainless steel seamless tube evenly distributed high-temperature resistance wire, dense part of the gap filled with thermal conductivity and insulation properties are good crystalline magnesium oxide powder, this structure is not only advanced, high thermal efficiency, and heat evenly when high temperature resistance The wire through the current, the heat generated by the crystallization of magnesium oxide powder to the surface of the metal tube diffusion, and then passed to be heated or air to go to achieve the purpose of heating.

Heating pipe is generally divided into industrial heating pipe and civil heating pipe, whether industrial or civil, heating pipe metal heating pipe is the most widely used, metal heating pipe stainless steel heating pipe is the most widely used, the reason for heating Tube the most widely used, with its unique features are inseparable, and then to tell you about the specific characteristics of stainless steel heating pipe:

1. Fully automatic control: through the stainless steel heating pipe circuit design, can facilitate the realization of export temperature, pressure, flow and other parameters of automatic control, and computer networking, and man-machine dialogue. In this case,

2. Heating temperature: stainless steel heating pipe design maximum operating temperature up to 850 ℃, which is generally not get the electric tube. In this case,

3. Thermal response, temperature control, high precision, high thermal efficiency.

4. Wide range of applications, adaptability: The circulating heater can be applied to explosion-proof or common occasions, its explosion-proof grade up to B-and C-class, its pressure up to 20Mpa. And can be used according to user needs vertical or horizontal cylinder installation. In this case,

5. Small size, high power: stainless steel heating pipe bundles inside the main use of tubular heating elements, each bundle of tubular electric heating element of the maximum power of 5000KW. In this case,

6. Long life, high reliability: Stainless steel heating pipe with special electric materials, coupled with the design of the power load are more reasonable, the heater with multiple protection, making the heating pipe safety and life expectancy greatly increased.

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