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Flammable Materials Safe Operation Technique
Jan 23, 2018

Flammable materials safe operation technique

1, not to be easy to fire the material placed in the vicinity of the fire and test areas.

2, there should be no fire in the storage of fire-prone material around; ignition of gas (alcohol) lights, burning matches and other;

3, the use of sublimation in the distillation or easy to fire the material should be noted:

(1) not allowed to use open fire heating, heating available water (oil) bath, electric hot plate or electric sand bath, surrounded by no open flame;

(2) test equipment should be tight airtight;

(3) below the steaming device, there should be a metal tray, (edge height 80-100 mm);

(4) the workplace should have good ventilation, surrounded by non-flammable materials can not be placed.

(5) work to wear glasses.

4, in the laboratory storage of a variety of combustible substances allowed no more than three kilograms, each shall not exceed one kilogram. With the use of with, with the back to the special storage location.

5, easy to fire with water substances (such as yellow phosphorus, sodium peroxide, metal sodium, potassium, etc.) prohibited into the waste barrel. Where can cause fire of the material (such as waste oil, waste organic solvents) should be concentrated in a special container placed in a safe place, not arbitrary misplaced.

6, in the event of fire, first of all should remove all heat sources, turn off the gas and electric door, and then covered with sand or asbestos fire place or with carbon tetrachloride and other fire extinguishing machine fire. In addition to alcohol, chemicals, fire, not to water fire.

7, should always check the fire equipment: fire extinguishers, sand, asbestos and felt.

8, when the heating, steaming and other work related to the use of fire, there must be someone responsible for management, not allowed to leave, run out of heat after the turn off.

9, combustible, especially the volatile combustibles, should be stored in a closed container, not allowed to use uncapped open container storage.

10. Substances liable to ignite are:

Alcohols, ethers, acetone, benzene, toluene, phenol, gasoline, carbon disulfide, phosphorus, sodium peroxide, potassium, sodium and magnesium, calcium carbide.

11. To do distillation purification or steaming Museum experiment, must use open flame heating, the number of distillates per time shall not exceed 100 milliliters, near the storage of flammable substances shall not be at the same time, there should be fire prevention measures.

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