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Forging Process Should Pay Attention To What Security Matters
Jan 24, 2018

Forging process should pay attention to what security matters

Forging refers to the heating of metal materials forging into various shapes of tools, mechanical parts or rough. Forging can change the internal organization of metal materials to improve its mechanical properties. As the forging is in the hot metal material under the state of extrusion, pressure, forging, forming, so the production process there are high temperature, smoke, vibration and noise and other hazards, a negligence may occur burning, machine tool damage and fire accidents , So forging process must pay attention to safety.

    1. Forging production must use heating equipment, forging equipment and a number of auxiliary tools. The main heating equipment are flame furnace (oil furnace, gas stove, etc.) and electric furnace. Heating furnace and hot workpiece radiation a lot of heat, the use of various types of flame furnace fuel combustion slag, soot, so to take ventilation purification measures to avoid injury accidents.

    2. Forging equipment are mainly steam hammer, air hammer, die hammer, mechanical hammer, plywood hammer, spring hammer, belt hammer, crank press, friction presses, hydraulic press, reaming machine, roll forging machine. All kinds of forging equipment to the impact load imposed on the workpiece, so easy to damage the equipment and the occurrence of personal accidents, such as forging hammer piston rod broken, it will cause serious injury. Forging equipment, vibration and noise generated by the impact of human nervous system, an increase of the possibility of accidents.

    3. Forge tools and auxiliary tools, especially hand forging and free forging tools, clamps and other types, usually at the same time on the workplace, often very messy; and because of the frequent replacement of tools in the work, increasing the difficulty of inspection tools , Sometimes improper use of improper tools, it is easy to cause injury accidents. Forged production in the transportation of large, to use a variety of transport equipment, a little attention is also prone to accidents. Forging is a collective operation, each operator's technical level, mental state and whether to strictly abide by the rules, have a direct impact on job safety.

    4. Forging equipment, there are many factors of insecurity, forging must be certain equipment maintenance knowledge, and to comply with safety procedures. Must pass the training examination qualified, or not alone operation of forging equipment and heating equipment. Forging equipment operating parts, such as flywheels, transmission belts, gears and other parts, should be set up protective cover. Hydraulic presses should have safety valves, automatic parking and start devices, pressure accumulators, pipes and hydraulic cylinders should be fitted with pressure gauge, power regulator must also be equipped with a safety valve. The main heating equipment are heavy oil furnace, electric stove and gas stove. The main hazards are gas poisoning, burns, baked and electric shock electric shock, the work should be strictly enforced rules. Forging, a strong radiation heat, hot material head, flying out of the oxide will cause harm to the human body, so the operator must wear good personal protective equipment before work.

    5. In the forging operation, the operator should focus on each other, pay attention to choose a safe location, escape the dangerous direction, cut off the material, the body to escape the direction of flying out of the material, palmrest pliers and standing forceps grip To correct, the clamp is not allowed to or against the abdomen, the Secretary of hammer work according to the pliers force the correct command of the Secretary hammer, hammer, each hammer to lightly hit, and other tools and forging contact stability before blow; Cold, too thin, not on the hammer center, not placed stable or dangerous when not hammering, so as not to damage the equipment, mold and earthquake injury arm, and the occurrence of forgings fly out, causing injury accidents, Hammer, not allowed to hand or foot to remove the anvil surface of the oxide, are not allowed to touch the forging by hand; burning red blanks and forgings forging are not allowed to throw, so as not to burn others.

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