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Fuel Heat Conducting Oil Stove
May 22, 2018

Organic heat carrier furnace is based on coal, oil, gas as fuel, heat oil as a heat carrier, the use of circulating oil pump forced liquid circuit cycle, the heat transported to the heat equipment, the tube back to the reheating of the DC special industrial furnace The Hot carrier furnace technical characteristics of low pressure, high temperature, the choice of organic heating furnace, the temperature of 300 ℃, the corresponding full steam pressure is only 0.018MPA. Other liquid transport heat, the heat transfer after the heat carrier is still back to the furnace continuously heated, without waste heat discharge; with complete operation control and safety monitoring equipment; save electricity, save water, save operating costs. Heat carrier furnace because of its safety, energy saving, is now widely used in various industrial areas. According to the fuel varieties are divided into fuel gas furnace, coal stove, electric heating furnace.

Fuel-conducting oil furnace is based on coal, heavy oil, light oil or flammable liquid as fuel, heat transfer oil as heat carrier. The use of circulating oil pump for liquid circulation, the heat can be transported to the heat equipment, and then come back from the head of the DC-type special industrial furnace, fuel oil furnace is widely used, such as petrochemical, textile, printing and dyeing, plastics, rubber, food processing, Processing, asphalt heating, carton production, vegetable dehydration, paint, forging sand mold drying. It has the following characteristics:

1. Under the lower operating pressure, get a higher operating temperature.

2. Can be safe and precise temperature.

3. Thermal efficiency can be maintained at the optimum level at all levels of load.

4. Liquid transport heat, at 300 ℃ when the heat carrier is 70 times smaller than the full steam pressure of water.

5. Have complete operation control and safety monitoring equipment.

6 to save money, oil-fired heat oil boiler is the use of incinerators, usually Zach, Weisuo, Riyadh Road, etc., the use of fuel oil light Oil and residual oil, usually the local environmental requirements are now strictly abolished the burning of residue heating furnace.

Coal-fired thermal oil furnace with a grate, the grate is roughly divided into chain grate and reciprocating grate, the furnace is usually used in practice is the chain grate. Coal stove usually used bituminous coal, a small amount of units also use white coal, but still to be mixed with bituminous coal burning.

Energy consumption is not the same

Usually diesel calorific value of 10000kcal / m3, bituminous coal 5000kcal / kg, 2.5 million kcal furnace operator, diesel demand 315m3 / h, bituminous coal use 630KG / h, oil furnace demand 2142 yuan per hour, coal only 550 yuan The

2, equipment is not the same

Coal stove in order to achieve a very good thermal efficiency, environmental performance, more equipment, such as drums induced draft fan, dust collector (cyclone dust, water film dust), slag machine, coal machine. And the oil furnace with a fuel tank and incinerator can be.

3, the equipment is not the same as the oil furnace is usually cylindrical, vertical, horizontal, small can also be made into a single type, to facilitate the transport, and coal stoves are usually made more than 200 million square box furnace, which Is to very good heat, to reach a higher heat transfer rate.

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