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Functional Characteristics Of PTC Heater
Nov 28, 2017

Functional characteristics of PTC heater

The most notable features are: 1. provinces cost, long life. No special temperature controller and thermocouple, thermocouple and other temperature sensors are used for temperature feedback, which can control the heating of the heater. Its temperature regulation is based on its own material characteristics, so that the product is much longer than the service life of other heaters. 2. safety, green environmental protection. The design of heating temperature of the heater body in grade 200 degrees Celsius, in any case body are not red and has a protective isolation layer, applications do not require any asbestos insulation materials for cooling treatment, ease of use does not exist on the human body burns and fire problems. 3. save electric energy. Comparison of the electric heating pipe and the resistance wire heating products, this product is on the characteristics of the material itself, to adjust the thermal power output itself according to the environment temperature changes, so it will be the heater power consumption optimization control at a minimum, at the same time, the high efficiency of heating materials also significantly enhance the utilization efficiency of electric energy. - rapid heating, wind machine fault can control temperature, long service life, the use of a wide range of voltage, may be 12V-380V according to the design, convenient design, design of high power from the power to any shape, can be designed according to the requirements, not burning, safe and reliable, PTC fever without redness, no fire in small and medium power heating occasions, PTC heater with constant temperature heating, no open flame, high heat conversion rate, the supply voltage with minimal impact, long service life and other traditional heating component incomparable advantages, are applied in electric appliances in favor of more R & D engineer. Attention (1) PTC heating plate has the characteristics of automatic constant temperature, without the temperature control system, the PTC heating piece can be directly energized. (2) when the PTC heating plate is used to heat the liquid (such as water), the PTC heating sheet will not be damaged when the liquid is dry. (3) if the PTC heating plate is used to heat the cold air and not to send the wind, the PTC heating plate will not be damaged. (5) long service life, under normal environment, the service life can be more than 10 years. (6) reliable operation, using PTC heating chip internal characteristics temperature control, will never exceed the temperature. (7) the working voltage is very wide: when the working voltage changes 2 times, the surface temperature is very small. (9) when multiple PTC heating plates are used together, they should be connected in parallel and not connected in series. (10) the heating power of PTC heating plate varies greatly under different heat dissipation conditions. (11) the power of heating is from big to small after the power supply, and finally it is stable. The stable power is related to the operating conditions. The power of the same PTC heater may vary by several times under different operating conditions. The faster the heat dissipation, the higher the stability power; the higher the surface temperature of PTC is, the higher the power is. (12) the surface temperature of PTC heating parts is controlled by PTC itself, and can also be controlled by disconnecting circuit, but the surface temperature can not be controlled by adjusting the voltage. (13) PTC itself has high reliability and long life, but if the assembly is improper, the power and temperature will be unstable. (14) when multiple PTC are used together, they should be connected in parallel and not connected in series.

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