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Heater Category Of Various Products And Performance Parameters
Jan 20, 2018

Heater category of various products and performance parameters

Heater category of various products and performance parameters

Electric heater main products are: electric boiler, high-density single-ended heating tube, boiler heating tube, oven heating tube, fin electric heating tube, electric heater, electric heater, electric heater, explosion-proof electric heater , Electric heater, storage tank electric heater, high temperature ceramic electric heater, molecular sieve electric heater, recycle electric heater, electric heater, crawler electric heater, hot water electric heater, Electric heaters.

1. Steel sleeve electric heater Steel sleeve electric heater with a solid connection, high pressure, sealing and repeated good, easy installation and maintenance, safe and reliable and so on.

2. Steel flaring type electric heater Flare type electric heater is oil, water, gas and a variety of corrosive materials as the medium of the pipeline system in a connection.

3. Welded electric heater Welded electric heater Suitable medium: oil, water, gas and other non-corrosive or corrosive medium Welded electric heater Applicable temperature: from the use of media and the choice of gasket t ≤ 450 ℃ Manufacturing Material: 20 #, 35 #, 1Crl8Ni9Ti, 0Crl8Ni-12M02Ti, 316L Piping requirements: ¢ 6- ¢ 50 ordinary grade precision seamless steel pipe

4. Electric heater (steam electric heater) Steam electric heater (electric heating steam furnace): The user in the low-temperature steam pipe in the use of electric heaters, allowing users to obtain high-temperature superheated steam under low pressure to meet user requirements The maximum operating temperature of up to 450 degrees C. The figure shows the 1000KW steam heater, working pressure 1.8MPa, flow 14 tons / h, the outlet temperature of 300 degrees Celsius.

5. Silicone rubber heater silicone rubber heater can be used for pipes, tanks, cabinets, heating and insulation box. First, the structural properties: 1. Product heating element using nickel-chromium alloy wire, heating block, high thermal efficiency, long service life. 2. Moisture-resistant silicone rubber and non-alkali glass fiber double insulation, so that the heater insulation performance is more reliable. 3. Aluminum auxiliary heat, so that the thermal efficiency of the heater to improve and extend its service life. 4. Easy to install. Rated voltage: 220V Dielectric strength: 2000V / min Insulation resistance> 50MΩ Insulation material (silicone rubber) Temperature: -60 ℃ - +250 ℃.

6. Heavy oil, crude oil electric heater electric heater for crude oil, heavy oil, fuel oil and other media heating, long-term work of electric components surface is not scaling.

7. Reactor electric heater Electric heating reactor widely used in medicine, building materials, chemicals, paints, resins, food and other industries, with rapid heating, high temperature, corrosion resistance, health, no environmental pollution, no boiler automatic heating, Easy to use and so on.

8.Half type electric heaterHalf type heaters are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the workpiece, such as pipes and containers.

9. Crawler-type electric heater tracked electric heater The electric heater can be made into a variety of shapes crawler heater, visual workpiece geometry, wall thickness and heat treatment requirements to select the appropriate specifications.

10.50kw air electric heater air heater is made of 20 # container steel, the use of hot air flow, the direction of the horizontal and vertical direction of flow, deflector gas guide, the end surface wiring and independent single connector connection, with heat High efficiency, easy maintenance features.

11. Oil separator electric heater Oil separator with electric heater used in oil-water separator electric heating, with constant temperature control.

12. High-temperature ceramic electric heater High-temperature ceramic electric heater can contact with the workpiece heating, bending, folding, winding, it can be applied to a variety of metal components, such as pipes, large containers, reactor heating. It has the advantages of fast heating rate, high heat utilization rate, remarkable energy saving, high temperature creep resistance, safe and reliable operation and convenient operation. The maximum operating temperature of up to 1050 ℃.

The assembly process of the electric heating element and the electric heater

1 Electric heating elements used in the form of bare electric heating wire and electric heaters Electric heating elements made of helical heating wire or linear heating wire supported, insulated and insulated with ceramic (clay) plates, tubes, brackets and mica plates And examples of typical applications of heaters such as electric stoves, hair dryers, heaters and multi-type furnaces.

2 Metal tubular electric heating element Insert the spiral electric heating alloy wire into the metal pipe (carbon steel pipe, copper pipe, aluminum pipe, stainless steel pipe and titanium steel pipe), fill the powder machine with high temperature, insulation and thermal conductivity of magnesium oxide powder, And then through the reduction of the machine "shrinkage" (aluminum tube in the hydraulic press after compression). Such electric heating element or electric heater composed of it is currently the most widely used. Typical applications such as electric water heaters, electric ovens and so on.

3 PTC heating elements and heaters Ceramic PTC heating element has round, rectangular and long strip, can be used alone, can also be composed of several pieces of heater, as shown in Figure 2 (4) below. Typical applications such as heaters, air conditioning heaters.

4 far infrared heating element with far infrared heating metal tubular heating elements used in electric oven, as well as far infrared heating plate and heating plate. Quartz tube heaters are widely used in heaters and disinfecting cabinets

5 electric coil, electric plate, electric heating plate with electric heating wire alloy wire for heating material, with mica soft board for insulation materials, outsourcing to thin metal plate (aluminum, stainless steel, etc.). Typical applications are, for example, electric thermos. The metal tubular electric heating element is cast in the aluminum plate, the aluminum plate or the welding or the mosaic in the aluminum plate, the aluminum plate above constitutes each kind of shape the electric heating plate, the electric heating. Typical applications are, for example, rice cookers, electric irons, electric coffee makers and the like.

6 electric wire, electric belt with spiral electric heating alloy wire for heating material, outside wrapped with PVC, silicone rubber and other insulating material that is made of electric hotline, the insulation layer of the package deposited in the production of extrusion machine is achieved. In addition to the new heating wire hot wire, there are temperature sensing layer and signal lines. Carbon fiber electric heating material can be made through the textile, and even woven into a belt, cloth for electric clothing

7 electric film heater Domestic electric film will have a practical glass electric kettles, heaters and so on.

8 light heaters Domestic "Ya-music" furnace using halogen heating. A heater in a bathroom is a typical example of a light heater.

9 electromagnetic induction heating device Electromagnetic induction heating must be generated by high frequency alternating electromagnetic field of the device and the induction of the eddy current generated by heating both can be achieved with each other. Induction cooker, for example, the furnace device, including the words change words and electromagnetic wire-related devices, the panel is made of glass or glass-ceramic, the panel itself does not heat. The other two typical applications of electromagnetic induction heating are IH rice cookers and electric water heaters.

10 microwave heating device with electromagnetic induction heating is different is that the microwave on the food, directly to the food itself fever. Microwave generator mainly by the magnetron, resonant cavity and waveguide and related components. A typical application is a microwave oven, can also be applied to electric water heaters.

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