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Heating Belt
Jun 26, 2017

Heating of cans, tubes, troughs and other containers for various industrial equipment, thermal insulation, it is mainly composed of electric materials and insulating materials, electrothermal materials for Ni-cr alloy belt, with fast heating, high thermal efficiency, long service life and other characteristics, insulating materials for multi-layer alkali-free glass fiber, with good temperature resistance and reliable insulation performance. It is soft in structure, can be directly wound in the heating part of the surface heating, it is uniform temperature, simple installation, easy to use, safe and reliable.

Product Application:

Electric hair clips, cooking utensils, ovens, high-temperature heating devices, etc.

Product characteristics and Material Description:

1. Internal spiral, straight core, glass fiber woven outside.

2. The outer glass fiber has high temperature resistance, good abrasion resistance and tensile strength.

3. The heating body anti-oxidation is good, not easy aging, durable.

4. Product Bending test: More than 5,000 times, no abnormalities (testing in accordance with UL, IEC test standards).

5. Product testing: 25,000 times or more, no abnormalities (testing in accordance with UL, IEC test standards).

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