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Heating Causes Of Concrete Pump Hydraulic System And Its Elimination
Jan 25, 2018

Heating causes of concrete pump hydraulic system and its elimination

1 Introduction 

    Concrete pump is through the pipeline to rely on pressure delivery of concrete construction

 equipment, concrete pump hydraulic system is generally high pressure and high flow system. From 

the investigation of the use of concrete pump found that many types of concrete pump, the use of

 about 40min, the hydraulic system temperature can be as high as 60e, about 2h in use, 

the hydraulic system, the thermal equilibrium temperature can be as high as 70e or more

 concrete pump hydraulic system Normal thermal equilibrium temperature should be about 50e.

 Therefore, the emergence of the hydraulic system of concrete pump oil temperature is too high 

problem that is fever.

    Damage of Heating System in Hydraulic System of Concrete Pump

    (1) the temperature of the working fluid after the increase, so that the viscosity of the

 working fluid decreased, the pump leakage increases, the temperature of the pump, the temperature

 of the hydraulic pump, (2) the hydraulic system and components of the seal at high temperature

 deterioration, the ability to reduce the elasticity, so that sealing performance is reduced,

 and even seal failure, so that leakage increases; (3) When the hydraulic valve valve (4) When 

the viscosity of the working fluid drops, the lubrication of the working fluid can be prevented.

 (4) When the viscosity of the working fluid is reduced, the working fluid is lubricated

 Performance, hydraulic components to accelerate wear and tear, accelerated component wear 

failure, shortening the life of the component.

    In order to avoid the occurrence of these phenomena, some concrete pump in use for a certain

 time, had to stop, the system cooling, thereby reducing the rate of concrete pump operation, 

affecting the progress of the construction. Therefore, the system should be the cause of fever,

 take appropriate measures to control the temperature of the hydraulic system to ensure the normal

 use of concrete pumps.

    3 concrete pump hydraulic system of the main causes of heat and eliminate methods

    Hydraulic system of fever can be divided into two categories according to fever: one is due

 to the design of the causes of fever; one is due to hydraulic components failure or improper use

 of the reasons, resulting in fever. Obviously, the different reasons for fever, the exclusion

 method is not the same.

    3.1 design is unreasonable, causing the hydraulic system heat and its exclusion

    (1) improper selection of hydraulic oil, may cause the hydraulic system of heating selected

 hydraulic oil in the oil temperature is low, the system work, but the system work for some time,

 oil temperature, hydraulic oil viscosity decreased, causing Increased internal leakage, with the

 increase in leakage also contributed to the rise in oil temperature, the formation of a vicious

 cycle of oil temperature. The solution is: according to the system load and normal working 

temperature requirements, select the appropriate viscosity of the hydraulic oil.

    (2) tank design is unreasonable, so that the cooling effect of the hydraulic system to reduce

 the system heat The main function of the fuel tank is to store hydraulic oil, but it also has

 both heat, precipitation impurities, the role of water separation. Tank design is unreasonable,

 mainly in two aspects: First, the tank volume design is too small, because the concrete pump is

 a mobile hydraulic equipment, fuel tank volume is generally about twice the flow of the hydraulic

 pump, therefore, tank cooling area and oil storage capacity The second is that some of the fuel 

tank in the structure design is unreasonable, oil suction pipe mouth and return to the oil nozzle

 close to the middle without partition, thereby shortening the oil in the tank cooling cycle and

 precipitation of impurities in the path, or even Resulting in most of the oil directly into the

 suction pipe, the cooling effect of the tank lower oil temperature. The solution is: the

 appropriate increase in fuel tank volume, the tank volume (1125 ~ 115) Q, and try to increase 

the oil suction pipe and the distance between the mouth, suction, return pipe should be set 

between the partitions to ensure that the fuel tank Should be the cooling power.

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