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Heating Element Classification
Feb 17, 2018

Heating PTC thermistor with constant temperature heating characteristics, the principle is the PTC thermistor self-heating heating after the resistance value into the transition zone, constant temperature heating PTC thermistor surface temperature will maintain a constant value,

In the small and medium-power heating occasions, the PTC heating element has the advantages of constant temperature heating, long natural life, high heat transfer rate, minimal impact by the power supply voltage, in the electric appliance Applications are increasingly favored by R & D engineers. Traditional heating elements are not enough.

Constant temperature heating PTC thermistor can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes, the common wafer, square, strip, ring, PTC heating element and the combination of metal components can form various forms of high-power PTC heating element.

Ordinary practical PTC ceramic heating elements are: mosquito repellent, hand warmers, dryers, electric hot plate, electric iron, electric iron, electric bonders, hair perm. Small power, high thermal efficiency.

Automatic constant temperature PTC heating elements are: small crystal device thermostat bath, incubator, electronic thermos, incubators, mugs, insulation plate, holding cabinet, insulation tables and so on. Automatic insulation, simple structure, good temperature characteristics, high thermal efficiency.

Hot air PTC heating elements are: small warm air heater, hair dryer, room heater, dryer, dryers, dryers, industrial drying equipment, output hot air power, speed, heat, automatically adjust power consumption .

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