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Heating Principle
Nov 22, 2017

Heating principle

"Hot" is the life of an electric heater is used, can be used for boiling water, Hot Milk, coffee, fast and convenient. The key for rapid thermal heater can even in heating ring that spiral heater below the heating coil is usually around the tube made from a thin metal tube, in which the electric heating wire, and then poured into the insulating material of magnesium oxide and the like, the electric wire package is fixed in the pipe, make it do not contact with the pipe wall.

The two ends of the heating wire are connected with the power line respectively. After the current is electrified, the electric current flows through the electric heating wire, and the electric heating wire is heated. If the heater is immersed in a liquid, heat through the liquid quickly circulated out, so that the liquid is quickly heated, and it will not burn the electric wire.


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