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Heating Principle Of Ceramic Electric Coil
Jun 26, 2017

High-temperature ceramic electric coil is not the general use of Mica flexible line production, but the use of ceramic wire through the way, so the product power than ordinary 0.5 ~ 1.5 times times higher. Heating body for the import of circular silk ceramic spring-like wear into the ring, the use of Japanese-produced stainless steel, the middle of high-temperature insulation cotton (aluminum silicate fibreboard) to prevent the temperature leakage. Ceramic bar is high-frequency ceramic with fast heat transfer, hard and difficult to break, high temperature deformation is not easy to aging and so on.

Main features of the product

1. Fast heat transfer, uniform heating and stable work.

2, the temperature is not leaking, can save electricity, the cover with hand touch not hot, work safety.

3, the power of the product is high, the use of ceramic wire in the way the power is higher than normal 0.5 ~ 1.5 times times

4, Europe and the United States high-temperature heat-resistant wire, with fast cooling, heating uniformity, high-temperature and stable characteristics, can be used for a long time in 600-800 Shan.

5, the product life is long, because the raw materials at the high temperature aging is relatively slow so product life long.

6, in line with national GB of technical requirements. Power deviation Porton 10.

7, electrical strength: voltage 1500v 50hz sinusoidal alternating voltage test, 1MIN no breakdown phenomenon

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