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Hot Air Circulation Oven
May 23, 2018

With the development of science and technology, oven has been widely used, the current use for a variety of different varieties, and more convenient to use, oven manufacturers up to more than 100 varieties.

Hot air circulation oven usually has a heating tube, a circulating fan oven can be called hot air circulation oven, because no matter what the oven structure, the wind direction is still straight, in the final analysis are hot air inside the cycle, so can be known as hot air circulation oven, Such as electric blast oven, open the door high temperature sterilization oven. But usually referred to in the occupation of the hot air circulation oven is still most of the above as shown in the oven, the other oven is evolved from the oven on the map, such as the requirements of high-temperature sterilization, the fan into a standardized air-cooled Ring fan, before and after the door, the duct has also made changes to open the door on the high-temperature sterilization oven. The hot air circulation shown above is divided into five specification types. Respectively, single-door bicycles, two two cars, two four-car, three six cars, four eight cars.

Hot air circulation oven air circulation system using fan circulation air supply method, uniform and efficient wind circulation. The wind source by the circulating air motor (optional non-contact switch) through the heater, and the hot air sent, and then through the duct to the oven boudoir, and then use the air into the air duct into the wind again , Heating application. To ensure that the indoor temperature uniformity. When the temperature changes due to the opening of the gate, the air circulation system is agile and the hot air circulates the oven operation state until the set temperature is reached. The hot air circulation oven consists of the following structure

1. Hot air circulation oven is made of angle steel, stainless steel plate and cold steel plate.

2. Insulation layer is filled with high-density aluminum silicate cotton, high-density aluminum silicate cotton to ensure the insulation of the oven, but also to ensure the safety of users.

3. Heater device location but bottom, top or sides.

4. With a number of intelligent instruments to control the temperature. Hot air circulation oven hot air circulation oven air duct planning in two ways: the level of air supply and straight air!

It has the characteristics are: 1, hot air circulation in the oven, high thermal efficiency, energy conservation.

2, the use of forced ventilation effect, the oven has a duct, the material boring uniform.

3, oven work smoothly. Automatic temperature control, device repair convenience.

4, for a wide range, can be boring all kinds of materials, is the general boring equipment.

Hot air circulation oven temperature: hot air circulation oven is widely used, can be boring all kinds of industrial materials, is a common boring equipment, usually hot air circulation oven temperature scale for room temperature ~ +250 ℃, high temperature room temperature ~ +500 ℃.

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