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Hot Harm
Nov 23, 2017

Hot harm

With hot water, the same as with other methods of hot water, the purpose is through heating sterilization, drinking water can be sterilized to prevent disease, this is advantageous; but in the heating process, the water will lose some trace elements and other nutrients, or long time heating leads to accumulation of heavy metals, water heater, electric kettle, water heater, water dispenser,... These heating appliances may lie in the difference of trace elements to lose more or less, or can add some nutrients in the heating process. In addition, there are heating time, the general water heating to 80 degrees has reached the purpose of sterilization, should not be heated for a long time, otherwise it will lead to heavy metal accumulation in the water, will cause harm to the human body. So, when using the heater if appropriate methods are not harmful to the human body.

The heaters in a thermos heating needs unattended, 5-8 minutes after take off the heater and power. Otherwise it will cause the thermos to dry and explode.

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