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How Do I Install And Use The Heater?
May 29, 2018

Jet-type hybrid heater device method is flexible, able to horizontal device, can also be vertical device. Can be placed into a push device, can also be placed into a pull device. The so-called push device, refers to the pump placed in the jet-type hybrid heater, that is, low-temperature water first through the pump pressure, and then enter the heater heating. Pull-type device means that the pump is placed in the jet-type mixed heater, the low-temperature water first heated by the heater, and then into the pump pressure. For the jet water jet type mixed heater, the inlet pressure is lower than the inlet pressure, the use of pull-type device placement method; in the inlet pressure is not less than the inlet pressure of 0.2MPa, can also use the push device method Placement. For the jet type water jet type jet heater, because the jet type hybrid heater itself has the role of pressurization, advocate the use of pull-type device placement method.

The loss of the resistance of the jet-type hybrid heater is usually not more than 0.15 MPa, and the detailed value is related to the pressure difference between the steam and the water entering the heater. The greater the pressure, the less the loss of resistance. However, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the jet type mixing heater. It is necessary to install a check valve on the steam inlet pipe to prevent the hot water from entering the steam pipe when the steam is stopped. Before the cold water inlet and hot water outlet of the jet type mixed heater, ensure that there are 10 times the length of the straight pipe. It is connected with the jet type mixing heater connected to the water supply pipe should be bypass valve. But in the jet-type hybrid heater start, first open the valve, and then open the inlet valve, and finally slowly open the steam inlet valve. The procedure for closing the jet-type hybrid heater is opposite to that of the open.

Air duct heater in the device, the electric heater connected in series on the air duct, installed in the front or rear of the fan. Selection of two flange docking method convergence. Heating operation, the air through the electric heating, electric heating to the wind to make up the heat and make it warm, then sent to the user end. The electric power of the electric heater should be introduced from the corresponding contactor in the corresponding total power control box, and the user can plan the circuit according to the actual needs. We are in the use of goods to pay attention to matters

1, although the electric heater is equipped with a thermal protector, can automatically intercept the power supply, but only in the wind duct in the case of wind, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of the heater accident. Heating should be checked before the relevant components in the normal condition to ensure the normal operation of the fan, the electric heater will be put into use, and then ruled out the possibility of non-wind dry ultra-high temperature, advocated with the fan control.

2, the power supply voltage and electric heater voltage must be flat, the main power of the electric heater should be supplied alone. Electric heater is necessary to accurately connect the control circuit, and firmly ground into the use of.

3, although there are a variety of electric heater protection device, but should be used before looking at all the terminals, is not strong. To do a good job grounding method to ensure safety.

4, the electric heater inlet to be installed on the filter, and regularly clean the filter to prevent a variety of foreign matter into the damaged electric tube or affect the heating tube life and cooling function.

5, the device should be reserved at least one meter interval, easy maintenance and maintenance.

6, control cabinet should be installed in the boring ventilation, easy to operate the local. Air electric heater shell, control cabinet shell firmly grounded, air heater should be horizontal device, base nut to tighten to make it stable.

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