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How Much You Know About Instant Water Heater?
Sep 27, 2017

Instant water heater is also known as rapid, instantaneous or instant water heater, instant water heater, the basic features are: cold water too hot out, as long as a hot water faucet, a few seconds can be continuously continuous supply of hot water, hot water, turn off the tap.

Heating water heater can be divided into the following three types:

Heating electric water heater of exposed heating wire;

Electric heating type electric water heater;

A heating electric water heater.

Instant water heater heater is located in a slot inside the box, the slot box can't bear too high water pressure, at the same time slot to the left and right side of the pole and the two poles, introduced electric wire, if long-term function will be damaged by the water pressure, so, instant water heater can't make it after format, format are made before.

In addition, in order to ensure the safe usage of instant water heater, anhydrous dry heating does not occur, are installed in the cold water inlet flow as excited switch signals of pressure sensor, pressure sensor excited brother force under pressure switch Dan piece is limited, and cannot be under pressure for a long time, so the heat pattern before filling water heater is generally made pattern.

Typical instant water heater is mainly composed of heating trough plate, pressure sensor, power regulator, adjustive bibcock, inlet pipe and outlet pipe parts, etc, and the heating trough plate is the key to instant water heater parts, its structure diagram as shown, by right of groove, sealing ring, cover and an electric heating element, the electric heating element, the trough trough plate.

Instant water heater direct conduction heating mode is adopted to work, because the electric heating element in the groove of the trough plate, so when cold water flows through the slot can be directly through the electric heating element and heated surface. Because the sink is like a snake, the inflow of cold water is gradually heated, and the hot water can be obtained at the outlet.

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