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How To Correctly Use The Heater
Nov 17, 2017

How to correctly use the heater

Due to water heater warms up quickly and the name, but a lot of hot heater device is simple, not installed safety devices, fires and other serious consequences in the country how to use too many to count, a water heater, is very important for the family security, should not be overlooked. Now Xiaobian teach you how to correctly use the heater.

1. choose a quality assurance of the heater is very important, now hot supermarket quality level is uneven, try to spend more money to buy a good quality water heater.

The container is placed in a peaceful 2. will first use the container (such as bucket, teapot, pot etc.) containing 95% water (to avoid a large amount of water ejected during use).

3. then the first into the water heater, turn on the AC 220V power supply, we must pay attention to the order. The metal must be soaked in water all the time.

4., at the same time must be guarded, to avoid accidents. After the water is opened, the power plug must be removed first, and the product can be taken out after half a minute.

The surface will have a layer of white substance heater heating tube 5. after use, this is the scale, very normal, does not affect the use. Hot will be placed in a safe place, to avoid contact with children, to avoid artificially damaged heater.

6. although only a small appliances, but would risk a potentially large, if not pay attention to, it is prone to accidents.

Matters needing attention

In order to ensure safety, in the process of using the human body can not contact, need to unplug the power plug to move.

Not dry, hot water, less water.

Pull the plug after the water is opened and wait for a minute to remove it to keep it safe.


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