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How To Use Electric Kettle Correctly? What Do You Need To Pay Attention To?
Nov 18, 2017

How to use electric kettle correctly? What do you need to pay attention to?

Previously, we want to drink hot water, need to buy a hot water bottle, and then buy a heater, the heater in a thermos plug, boiling water; also can pass on the gas stove, stoves, pots, cans by boiling water to drink. Nowadays, we often use the water heater heating, use electric kettle to boil water to drink. Of course, there are other better ways to boil water. For the convenience of the current era of electricity, with computers, mobile phones, refrigerators, television, etc., with electric kettle to boil water is really convenient. Convenience is convenient, but some people buy an electric kettle, it doesn't work for a few days. Electric kettle, the price is not the same, quality is not the same. The use of electric kettle is bad. On the one hand, it may be due to the quality and grade. On the other hand, it may be caused by improper use.  In fact, these are life trivia. Now, the company buys bottled water every day, but everybody likes to boil the bottled water through the electric kettle.  Because there are so many people in the company, it is impossible for everyone to have an electric kettle. Almost everyone can use the electric kettle to boil water, which is easy to break. In fact, the use of electric kettle is just a small thing in life, few people will care about. However, it is often some small things, if not to pay attention to, then light electric kettle broken, focusing on may endanger everyone's health and safety. So, how do we use the electric kettle to boil water? What do you need to pay attention to when using it?

1. first of all, the water injected into a hot kettle should be at least several millimeters higher than the top surface of the heater, but should not exceed the required maximum water level line. That is to say, the injected water is in an interval, should pay attention to. Higher than the maximum surface of the heater a few millimeters, in order not to cause the heater dry burning; can not exceed the prescribed maximum water level line, in order to boil the water, not splash out, make a full table, all over the floor is water.

2., in use, must first install water, and then electrify, must not first electrify, after the installation of water, so as to prevent the hot kettle dry, this seriously reduces the life of the hot kettle. Now a lot of places, is the use of an automatic drainage, induction, according to the capacity of the kettle, to drain water. Press the switch, it is automatic water discharge into the kettle, and then wait until almost, automatically stop.

3., do not use electric kettle to boil with acid, alkali, salt ingredients, so as not to corrode the kettle body and heater. If the kettle body and the heater are corroded, the boiled water will be mixed with taste.

4. when using the hot pot, hot water pot often need to remove scale and other stains, otherwise it will affect the thermal efficiency and service life of the electric water heater. The use of water, must be more or less contain some impurities, long-term boiling water, will certainly accumulate impurities. For scale, you can use salt particles to wipe, salt has special effect on removing Rouge with water. So, often remove the scale and stains inside the pot.

5. in the use of the kettle when, if the hot kettle is plastic type, should be in the boiling water, put the lid open place as soon as possible, or to boil the water poured into the thermos bottle as soon as possible, so that you can avoid a kettle cover and a kettle handle plastic smell long time a lot of dissolved into water. If you drink water, you don't have to worry about the smell in the water.

6. when pouring water, don't pour hot water or drink, so it is too unsafe. As you all know, the consequences of electric shock are very serious. So, wait for the water boil, power off the case of pouring water.

7. in the use of electric kettle, it is best to place in a dry place, so as not to damp, and reduce its safety performance.

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