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How To Use Explosion-proof Electric Heater?
May 25, 2018

In the explosive environment in order to heat a variety of different media, in the industry to use a variety of different heating methods, during which the use of resistance heating is one of these methods. At present, explosion-proof resistance heater is more and more attention, the amount will be more and more.In the explosive environment and the use of resistance heaters, explosion-proof safety function is extremely important. To ensure safety, its design and production will involve explosion-proof electrical specifications, electrical control skills and the use of thermodynamics and other knowledge. Since the main function of the explosion-proof resistance heater is to heat a variety of different media in an explosive atmosphere and also have an explosion-proof safety function that can not ignite explosive mixtures or (and) heated media in the environment. The principle of the design and production is: both to ensure its heating function, but also bound the maximum temperature, and then to ensure its safety explosion-proof function. Explosion-proof electric heater operation process is:

The first step, before use, we must first look at the insulation resistance, not less than 1 trillion, if the insulation value of less than the demand, can be preheated, has reached the specification value. The following are the same as the "

The second step, close the bypass valve before the first open the import and export valves, and so on for more than 10 minutes, look at the oil temperature, a certain temperature before transmission. Do not open the bypass valve during the application.

The third step, the use of money to register throttle and then open the door, stop, first closed the door and then closed the throttle.

The fourth step, the use of the process: close the size of the air switch and power on the main switch. According to the required time, timely adjustment of control distance.

The fifth step, explosion-proof electric heater before use, should be carried out every day of the inspection, if found to have any security risks should be repaired, shall not be used.

The sixth cloth, explosion-proof electric heater is an explosion-proof electric heater components, and heavy oil explosion-proof electric heater in the use of oil if the use of good temperature can be manipulated at 60 degrees, if the oil quality is poor, the temperature Not more than 40 degrees.

And explosion-proof electric heater after-sales maintenance needs to pay attention to the question

1, explosion-proof electric heaters are not free to open; apart from maintenance, can not use parts of the explosion-proof surface for the pry bar of the fulcrum, not to beat or hit the explosion-proof surface.

2, open the electric heater, you should first take the inferior cover, fan, and then use the casing wrench to remove the end cap and bearing the bolt, and then, with a round bar or copper rods along the axial impact of the shaft, Cover and seat separation, and finally remove the rotor. Remove the parts, explosion-proof surface should be placed up, and covered with rubber or cloth liner, fastening bolts, spring pads and other attention not to lose.

3, dipping and assembly, the explosion-proof surface should be attached to the insulating paint or dirt clean and clean, not with iron and other hard objects scratched, but can be used to grind the uneven grinding of the local.

4, if the explosion-proof surface damage, must use lead-tin solder HISnPb58-2, flux 30% concentration of hydrochloric acid (for steel parts) or tin containing 58 ~ 60% tin-zinc solder, the flux of ammonium chloride 30% Zinc 70%, add water 100 ~ 150% mixed solution (on the cast iron) for welding, solder and parts of the link to be strong, raised some to be polished to achieve the required finish.

5, in order to avoid rust proof surface, should be in the explosion-proof surface modified oil.

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