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How To Verify The Merits Of Electric Heating Pipe
Mar 21, 2018

How to verify the merits of electric heating pipe

What kind of electric tube is considered good quality?

The most intuitive way to verify the advantages and disadvantages of electric heating tube is: first wipe the surface of electric heating tube, and then connected to AC 220V power supply in the air, dry, surface red after power, until the electric tube is completely cooled, wipe with napkins, White paper should be no black oxide powder (not with the oxygen in the air reaction), proved to be high-quality electric tube.

The basic characteristics of a good electric tube has these points:

  1. Small size, high power: stainless steel heating pipe bundle internal tubular heating elements, each bundle of tubular electric heating element of the maximum power of 5000KW. In this case,

2. Thermal response, temperature control, high precision, high thermal efficiency. In this case,

3. Wide range of applications, strong adaptability: The circulating heater can be applied to explosion-proof or common occasions, its explosion-proof grade up to B-and C-class, its pressure up to 20Mpa. And can be used according to user needs vertical or horizontal cylinder installation. In this case,

4. Heating temperature is high: stainless steel heating pipe design maximum operating temperature up to 850 ℃, which is generally can not get the electric tube.

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