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Internal Structure Of Electric Heating Pipe
Jun 26, 2017

Electric heating tube is a kind of equipment used in the work and life, such as electric stove, electric iron, electrical heater and electric oven, etc. belong to electric heating equipment.

Electric heating pipe resistance wire is made of nickel, chromium alloy, temperature up to 800 Shan above. Because the power of electric heating pipe is relatively large, if the users ignore the safety, fire can happen at any time. 

The reasons for the fire in the electric heating tube are as follows: One is to place the electric heating pipe on the combustible material or near the flammable, and the fire will be caused by baking at high temperature for a long time. Second, the electric heating pipe is not installed plug, directly plug the wire into the socket, so easy to cause short circuit and fire. Third, the user in the absence of the electric heating pipe plug Unplugged, the time is too long, resulting in overheating of the electric heating pipe, the adjacent combustible material ignited and caused by fire. Four is the resistance wire repeatedly repaired after continue to use, may cause the line overload to cause the fire.

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