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Introduction Of Inspection And Maintenance Method For Reducer Oil
Feb 27, 2018

Introduction of Inspection and Maintenance Method for Reducer Oil

Oil reducer inspection and maintenance methods:

    No matter what kind of machinery, different lubricants are prohibited mixed with each other, reducer is no exception. For the reducer, the oil level plug, oil drain plug and ventilator position are determined by their installation position. For the reducer, the inspection and maintenance of its use of lubricants should mainly consider the following aspects:

    First, the oil level check

    1, cut off the power to prevent electric shock! Wait for the reducer cooling!

    2, remove the oil level plug to check whether the oil is full.

    3, the installation of oil level plug.

    Second, the oil inspection

    1, cut off the power to prevent electric shock! Wait for the reducer cooling!

    2, open the oil drain plug, take the oil sample.

    3, check the oil viscosity index - if the oil was turbid, it is recommended to replace as soon as possible.

    4, for the oil level plug with the reducer - check the oil level, whether the pass - the installation of oil level plug

    Third, the replacement of oil

    1, after cooling the oil viscosity increases the difficulty of oil, reducer should be in the operating temperature oil change.

    2, cut off the power to prevent electric shock, waiting for cooling down the cooling gear is no danger of burning up!

    Note: Reducer should be kept warm during oil change.

    3, put a plug in the oil drain plug below the oil pan.

    4, open the oil level plug, ventilator and oil drain plug.

    5, the oil will be ruled out.

    6, fitted with oil drain plug.

    7, into the same brand of new oil.

    8, oil should be consistent with the installation location.

    9. Check the oil level at the oil level plug.

    10, tighten the oil level plug and ventilator.

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