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Introduction Of Performance And Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Tube Heating Tube
Oct 21, 2017

Introduction of performance and characteristics of stainless steel tube heating tube

As a heating equipment professional company, engaged in electric heating pipe industry has more than ten years of time, in the electric tube production, professional customization, post maintenance, problem solving has a wealth of experience. For many industrial heating equipment and heating equipment enterprises according to user equipment need to design appropriate stainless steel heating tube, greatly improving the production of the actual application, the work efficiency is improved. Our company's stainless steel heating heating tube in the industry has been trusted and praised by many users!

Performance and characteristics of stainless steel tube heating tube:

The stainless steel heating tube heats the fluid by forced convection. The material is made of stainless steel is in a head with a heater pump to pump fluid into the heating chamber, after heating in the heater, another head out, is a kind of forced circulation pump through a heating method, compared with the traditional heating methods, energy saving, scientific process, installation has obvious economic benefits easy to use.

The advantages of stainless steel heating pipe are: good heat resistance, dry resistance, mature technology, low cost.

Stainless steel heating pipe is characterized by: 1. small size, high power. 2. thermal response fast, high temperature control accuracy, high comprehensive thermal efficiency. 3. wide range of application, strong adaptability. 4. high heating temperature. 5. fully automatic control. 6. long life, high reliability.

At present, there are many kinds of stainless steel heating pipes used by the manufacturers of instant hot water heaters, and the prices of various kinds of pipes are greatly different. The same stainless steel heating tube, the quality of its performance is also very large. The difference between the quality and the quality of stainless steel heating pipes is mainly due to the different nickel content. Nickel is an excellent corrosion-resistant material, and the corrosion resistance and process performance of stainless steel are improved after the stainless steel is combined with chromium. But low carbon nickel steel to obtain pure austenite and nickel content to achieve 24%, and only 27% of nickel to steel corrosion resistance in some medium significantly change.

About 800, 840 and 316L from the material is relatively good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistant stainless steel heating tube, nickel content reached 30% 800 stainless steel tube, 840 nickel content reached 20%, but if the difference is the use of some of the 304 stainless steel tube of nickel containing only 8%. Therefore, the use of nickel containing high temperature corrosion resistant stainless steel heating tube products are also very advantageous. Stainless steel heating pipe has many advantages, and has very good economic benefits.

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