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Introduction Of Power Density And Temperature Of Silicone Heater
Apr 23, 2018

According to the maximum temperature of the pipeline medium to determine the specifications of the electric heating, that is, with the power of tropical rice. Oil drum heaters Calculate the total length of the required heating zone according to the total heat dissipation of the pipe or container tank and the selected heating zone meter power. As the pipeline with elbows, gates, brackets and other accessories, so the length of parallel with the general order to increase 5% -10%. Hydraulic system oil temperature, generally should be controlled in the range of 30 ~ 50 ℃. The maximum should not be higher than 70 ℃, the minimum should not be less than 15 ℃.

According to the power supply conditions, grid load and the length of the use of electric heating with tropical and other factors to select the type of electric heating with the voltage level in order to determine whether to use parallel or tandem? Is it single-phase or three-phase? On the long-distance pipeline, the general use of series with; on the pipe network system can choose constant power three-phase zone, if the pipeline is short, can choose constant power single-phase zone.

Oil temperature is too high or too low will lead to system work is not normal, in order to ensure that the oil can work in the normal range, the need to control the system oil temperature that is necessary to use heating or cooling. Heating oil can be heated steel or steam heating, etc., in order to avoid overheating metamorphism, the general heating pipe surface temperature does not allow more than 120 ℃, electric heating pipe surface power density should not exceed 3W / cm2.

Oil temperature is too high, will quickly deteriorate the oil at the same time to reduce the viscosity of the oil, resulting in increased leakage components, system efficiency is reduced; oil temperature is too low, so that oil viscosity is too large, resulting in pump oil difficult.

The purpose of controlling the temperature of the mold and the influence of the mold temperature on the injection-molded parts In the injection molding process, the main purpose of controlling the mold temperature is to heat the mold to the working temperature and keep the mold temperature constant at the working temperature. The success of the above two points, you can optimize the cycle time, and thus ensure the stability of high-quality molded parts. Mold temperature will affect the surface quality, mobility,

Shrinkage, injection cycle and deformation of several aspects. Mold temperature is too high or insufficient for different materials will have different effects. For thermoplastics, a higher mold temperature generally improves surface quality and fluidity, but extends the cooling time and injection cycle. Lower mold temperature will reduce shrinkage in the mold, but will increase the rate of shrinkage after injection molding.

For thermosetting plastics, a higher mold temperature typically reduces cycle time, which is determined by the time required for part cooling. In addition, in the plastic processing, a little higher mold temperature will reduce the plasticizing time and reduce the number of cycles.

Features: (1) according to the actual shape and size design, including three-dimensional geometry to meet your equipment. (2) moisture-proof silicone rubber material to provide a longer heater life. (3) Easy to paste and stick in your parts, through curing, adhesives, or fasteners and so on. Applications: (1) refrigeration protection and anti-compression, for many types of equipment and equipment. (2) provision of medical equipment such as blood analyzers, test tube heaters, and so on. (3) computer-aided equipment such as laser printers. (4) plastic film curing

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