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Key Points For Storing The Silicone Rubber Belt
Apr 26, 2018

Silicone rubber heating band is a kind of nickel-chromium alloy wire and insulation material composed of a special soft heating band, the design of high power density, heat fast, high thermal efficiency, long service life. In addition to the general constant power band with the heat insulation, in some cases can also be used for the need to heat the place. Silicone Rubber Tape has good waterproof performance and can be used for the heating, tracing and heat preservation of pipes, tanks and tanks in industrial equipment or laboratories. It can be directly wound on the surface of the heated parts and easy to install. ,Safe and reliable. Suitable for cold areas, pipes and solar heating silicone rubber for the main function of the hot water pipe insulation, thawing, snow and ice and other functions. With high temperature, cold, anti-aging and so on.

According to the power supply conditions, power grid load and the length of the use of electric heating with tropical and other factors to select the type of electric heating with the voltage level in order to determine whether to use parallel or series is single-phase or three-phase band. On the long-distance pipeline, the general use of series with; on the pipe network system can choose constant power three-phase zone, if the pipeline is short, can choose constant power single-phase zone.

According to the maximum temperature of the pipeline medium to determine the specifications of the electric heating, that is, with the power of tropical rice. Calculate the total length of the required heating zone based on the total heat dissipation of the pipe or container tank and the selected heating zone meter power. As the pipeline with elbows, gates, brackets and other accessories, so the length of parallel with the general order to increase 5% -10%. Heating cable has good flexibility, but does not allow hard folding, the need for bending, bending radius of not less than 6 times the thickness of the heating cable. Hot cable is prohibited with a heavy hit hard, such as smashed with hot cable should be re-electrical testing, qualified to use. Heating cable should be traced with the heat pipe (or equipment) and fixed, in order to improve the heating efficiency. Fixed heating cable when the application of special nylon cable ties, is strictly prohibited with metal wire banding. Silicone rubber heating band in the storage, handling, installation and use must not be twisted, not allowed to repeated bending, is strictly prohibited damage to the outer sheath, damage insulation.

Installed to avoid flammable and explosive media may accumulate ditch pit, vignetting and other parts. When using the heating cable, pay attention to the explosion-proof temperature group. Do not overturn the flammable medium flash point or 75% of the auto-ignition temperature. Do not hit the hard fold or drag on the ground for long distance. The installation of the heating cable must be completed after all the installation of the medium pipeline system, and the construction of the insulation layer after passing the water pressure or airtight test must be installed and debugged in the heating belt, after the test power transmission is normal. Heating installation encountered sharp edges, acute angle, should be polished smooth or mat aluminum tape, to prevent damage to the outer insulation layer.

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