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Leakage Of Heating Tube And Its Solution:
Aug 19, 2017

Leakage of heating tube and its solution:


1, missed the good ground;

2, heating pipe insulation damage (this is the insulation of magnesium oxide, or joint insulation problems);

3 、 the electric heating tube is burnt and the cup body is short circuited;

4, clean, improper, water touches the stainless steel electric heating pipe terminal;

5, circuit wire off hitting with the cup body;

6 、 electric heating plug or power plug dirt is too much;

7, poor water quality, serious water pollution;


1. Connect the ground wire as required and check to see if it is correct;

2, inspection, repair, if there is such an event, suggest replacement;

3, the electric heating pipe has been damaged, replace the same specifications of electric heating tube;

4. Correct cleaning and drying treatment of stainless steel heating pipes;

5, check off the wire, re welding;

6. Clean and dry properly;

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