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Main Technical Characteristics And Application Of Air Heater
Jan 29, 2018

Main technical characteristics and application of air heater

Main technical characteristics and application of air heater


Air heaters are primarily used to heat the required air flow from the initial temperature to the required air temperature up to 850 ° C. Has been widely used in aerospace, weapons industry, chemical industry and institutions of higher learning and many other research and production laboratories. Particularly suitable for automatic temperature control and high-flow high-temperature joint system and accessories test. No heat, no explosion, no chemical corrosivity, no pollution, safe and reliable, the heating space is heating up quickly (no heat, no heat, no heat, no heat) Controllable).

In this case,

Second, the technical characteristics

1, can make the air heated to a high temperature, up to 850 ℃, the shell temperature is only about 50 ℃.

2, high efficiency: up to 0.9 or more.

3, heating and cooling rate block, up to 10 ℃ / S, fast and stable regulation. Does not appear controlled air temperature lead and hysteresis phenomenon leaving the temperature control drift uncertain, it is suitable for automatic control.

4, good mechanical properties: because of its heating element for the special alloy material, so the impact of high-pressure air flow, it is better than any of the heating body of the mechanical properties and strength are good, which require a long continuous air heating Systems and accessories test more advantages.

5, do not violate the use of rules, durable, long life of 10 years.

6, the air clean, small size.

7, according to the needs of users, the design of many types of air electric heater.

Third, the specification model

Single power from 2KW ~ 10000KW series

In this case,

(This product can be more customized customer requirements, to provide drawings, voltage, power, size)

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