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Mica Heater
May 18, 2018

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The mica heater uses high-temperature mica as the insulating material, which has good surface temperature uniformity and high heating speed. High-temperature mica is used as an insulating material to have good aging resistance, effectively preventing cracking of the product surface and enhancing mechanical strength, greatly prolonging the service life of the product, light weight, small heat capacity, and can achieve a rapid heating rate and high Temperature control accuracy, when there are special requirements, can be made in accordance with customer requirements in the same working surface of different temperature zones, customized various shapes and sizes (such as round, oval, cone-shaped, any irregular type).

Has been used in medical, beauty, health care, home appliances, water heaters, electric irons, mold processing, food machinery sealing machine, electric furnace, warming plate products ... and so on.

The specific parameters are as follows:

Thickness: 2(mm) Processing Customization: Yes

Material: Mica plate + heating wire Model: YH-17

Power: 100-3000W Brand: YAT

Maximum Voltage: 3-360(V) Main Uses: Vaporizers


All kinds of home appliances Product Certification: UL, SGS, ROHS

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