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OEM Material 310S Electric Heating Element For Oven
Jul 15, 2018

Product Description: 
1.Products Name: Heating element for oven
2.Tube Diameter: (your required) mm
3.Rating power: 110-230V,
4.Rating watt:500-3000W ,also can be customized
5.Power and configuration can be determined according to customers' requirements
6.Excellent corrosion resistance
7.Can also be formed and shaped into various geometries for radiant heating and contact surface heating applications
8.The specification can change with your requirement,Quality guarantee,welcome to inquiry.

Product Specification: 

Working temperature750ºG max.
Heat intensityNot exceeding 30Wcm2 (advisable)
Tolerance of length+/-1.5%
Tolerance of diameter-0.01 a -0.06 m/m
Escape of current (when cold)<=0.1mA a 242 v
Insulation (when cold)5 Min Ohmios 500 Watts minimum
Tolerance of cut of connexion+/-15 mlm
Power tolerance (w)5 % - 10 %

Sample made requirement : 
1 tube material 
2 voltage power 
3 wiring material 
4 drawing is preferred 
5 Tube Diameter and length.

Excellent Customer and Strong firm background:
OEM Material 310S Electric Heating Element for Oven

OEM Material 310S Electric Heating Element for Oven

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