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OEM Refrigerator Defrost Heating Tube
Jun 21, 2018

OEM Refrigerator Defrost Heating Tube


Application of Defrost Heating Element for Freezer:

Defrost heating element is designed for defrosting hard of various kinds of freezer,refrigerator.It is adopted the stainless steel as the base material.Any shape to the user's requirements.This properties of the product are defrosted effectually,the insulating resistance is excellent,corrosion-resistant,resist and wear out.It is safe and reliable to carry the sealed dampproof performance of the end which obtained the national patent.


Feature and Technical Data of Defrost Heating Element for Freezer:

1.The material of tube is Incoloy 840,AISI 304,321

2.The diameter of tube is 6.5mm,8mm,8.5mm,9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,14mm

3.Ambient temperature:-60℃-+125℃

4.High-voltage in test:16,00V/5S

5.Firmness of connection end:≥50N

6.High temperature molded Neoprene

7.Insulation resistance>500MΩ

8.Leakage current to be 0.5ma max while energized at rated voltage

9.Power tolerance:+5%,-10%

The defrost heater details can be customized,if you would like to know more information,you can contact with us directly!

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