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Performance Advantages Of Ceramics In Ceramic Heating Elements
Mar 09, 2018

Performance Advantages of Ceramics in Ceramic Heating Elements

Ceramic heating element in the concept of ceramic has been far beyond the scope of ancient traditional ceramics. Because of its production process and the traditional ceramic is different, more importantly, because of its chemical composition, microstructure and characteristics of different from the traditional ceramic, it is called as the ceramic material, its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance characteristics or a variety of sensitive characteristics of ceramic materials, New type ceramics. Ceramic heating element in the new ceramic also has the following claims: advanced ceramics, high-performance ceramics, high-tech ceramics, fine ceramics, special ceramics, industrial ceramics. Most of China is called "industrial ceramics." Widely used in ceramic heating elements.

Ceramics in the electric heating element is a kind of inorganic powder which is refined by using the inorganic powder, which is refined by the structure design, precise stoichiometry, proper molding method and firing system. After processing, it can meet the requirement of precision. metallic material.

Ceramics in the electric components of the ceramic is divided into two categories, namely, structural ceramics (or engineering ceramics) and functional ceramics.

Structural ceramics: is a mechanical function, thermal function and part of the chemical function of the ceramic

Functional ceramics: It is a ceramic with electric, optical, magnetic, chemical and biological characteristics, and has a mutual conversion function.

Ceramic ceramic heating element is often not only have a single function, it is difficult to give the exact division and classification.

Ceramics in the electric heating element of the ceramic function: with electrical insulation, semiconductivity, conductivity, piezoelectricity, ferroelectricity, magnetic, corrosion resistance, chemical adsorption, biological adaptability, sound absorption, radiation resistance Many functions, and has the function of mutual conversion, with the development of science and technology, multi-functional ceramic materials have been gradually in the development and production of this ceramic materials with the versatility of other materials is difficult to achieve, and therefore very compelling .

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