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Precautions For Use Of Electric Heating Pipes
Jun 26, 2017

In use, flammable and explosive items should not be placed near the electric heating pipe, must maintain a certain safe distance. The electric heating pipe must be placed on the base of the non-flammable material which is not thermally conductive, and the safe cut-off quantity of the electric heating pipe conductor must satisfy the capacity requirement of the electric heating pipe, and the industrial electric heating pipe should be installed in any case. 

The wires must be fitted with plugs, and the wires shall not be inserted directly into the socket; The electric heating pipe without fuse in the circuit of explosion-proof electric heating pipe shall not be used; The electric heating pipe must be guarded when it is used, the plug should be unplugged when it is left, in the course of use, if there is a power outage, the plug should be unplugged and not forgotten. For multiple repair of the resistance wire, it is best not to use, should replace the new resistance wire. Inflammable and explosive articles are strictly prohibited to be dried by electric heating pipes; The electric oven should have temperature control devices, which should not only prevent the temperature too high, but also prevent too long baking time.

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