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Professional Supply Of Non-standard Single-head Electric Tube
Mar 29, 2018

Professional supply of non-standard single-head electric tube

The structure of the single-head electric heating pipe is that a heating wire is placed in a metal pipe and the high-temperature magnesium oxide rod with good thermal conductivity and insulation is filled tightly in the space part. The two ends of the electric heating wire are connected with the power source through two leading rods. The electric heating wire has the advantages of simple structure, long service life, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength and safety in various shapes and the like.

Uses: Single-head electric bar used in shower, water dispenser, water, dishwashers, etc .; widely used in a variety of sink, tank, acid bath, melting furnace melting, air heating furnace, oven, mold and Various types of heating appliances and the like.

Single-head electric heating tube in our industrial equipment is very common, single-head electric heating tube, also known as single-head, single-head heating rods.

General single-head electric tube most of the stainless steel 304,310,321,316 and other austenitic stainless steel as the electric tube, different electric heating pipe material for different working environment.

Single-head electric heating pipe main features are: single-ended outlet structure, electric tube surface load high, the tube diameter tolerance is small, the use of high temperature. Because of these significant features, making single-head electric tube has been welcomed by the mold industry. At the same time the indicators are produced in accordance with the standard electric tube production, its moisture resistance, insulation properties, high wattage density, high temperature characteristics, the use of integrated performance and so in a dominant position.

    Single-head electric tube with single-head outlet way there are two kinds, one for: external wiring structure process. The other is the internal lead-out structure. Customers can use according to different environment and use occasions to choose.

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