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PTC Heater Element
Jun 05, 2018

There are three types of structures, electric contacts on large sides, electric contacts on one side used for SMT.


For customer’s convenience, we provide assembled heating elements: PTC heating element with insulator and wirePTC heating element with shell, PTC air heater,PTC for hair straightener, PTC for curler, PTC with resin coating, PTC for water heater, refering to other webpages.

2. Some samples of uses.

Dryer, air heater, air condition heater, mosquito killer, car's heater, humidifier, de-humidifier, heating-plate, massager, physical therapy machine, hot glue-gun, hair crimper, hair straightener, coffee /milk warmer, water boiler, and so on. PTC is very suitable as a heating element, if the surface temperature on end product was under 260℃.

3. Notice in appliance.
1) The surface temperature on PTC can be controlled by itself, so that control circuit and protecting circuit may be omitted in most appliances.
2) It can be used for heating liquid, and it’s no problem without liquid immerging.
3) It can be used for heating air with fan blowing, and it’s no problem without blowing. 
4) There are four electrodes coating to be selected: nickel +silver,melt-jet aluminum, screen print aluminum+silver, screen print zinc +silver. 
5) Our PTC has very good operating life, 10 years or longer is possible.
6) Reliable, over temperature was impossible. 
7) The surface temperature increases (or decreases) about 8℃, when supplied voltage increases (or decreases) 2 time. 100V to 240V applied voltage is impossible for same PTC heater
8) If customer requires PTC with wire, insulator, or shell, please select other types manufactured by our company. 
9) Parallel connection is necessary for two or more PTC connection.
10) The steady state power may be very different with different applied condition for same PTC. The faster is the heat conduction, the higher is the steady state power. 
11) In the most case, the type of two electric contacts on large sides was suitable; but in some appliance, we use other electric contacts.

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