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Quartz Half Plating White Heating Tube For PET Bottle Blowing Machine
Oct 19, 2017

Quartz half plating white heating tube for PET bottle blowing machine

Half plated white infrared heating tube

The white coating with special process can focus 75% infrared heat into the same direction without reducing the energy loss by using reflector. Higher thermal efficiency, more energy saving

- solid coating, non shedding, high reflectivity

Near - infrared radiation, strong penetration, direct heating objects, without heating the surrounding medium

- easy to control, according to the needs of any 0-100% power regulation

Life is long.

- convenient installation, maintenance and use of lower cost

- starting speed, 3 seconds can achieve 100% power output, and rapid cooling

- safety, no pollution, green environmental protection

Application domain:

PET blowing bottles and laminating, plastic molding, softening, painting, powder, glue drying; paper baking; silk screen, printing machinery; food heating and insulation; circuit board, semiconductor production and so on

Notes on installation and use:

1, horizontal installation and vertical installation, horizontal installation, the slope is not greater than 30 degrees.

2, the use of aluminum reflector or stainless steel reflector, plane or parabolic reflector. But the parabolic reflector is the best: to improve the utilization of radiation is high, the factory can be processed.

3, the best distance between the heating element and the heated object is 15-45 centimeters, depending on the specific conditions of the drying object.

4, quartz heating element belongs to brittle material, should pay attention to safety when installation and use, avoid violent vibration and shake. When using, according to the specific circumstances of the heated object, take necessary protective measures, so as to avoid mechanical damage.

Notes on quartz heating pipes:

1, determine specifications: heating tube length, voltage, power, length of the two sides, filament, pipe type and quantity.

2, heating pipe is best ahead of half a month, quartz heating tube production cycle is generally 5-7 days, a large number of 7-10 days, plus the time required for delivery 2-3 days, ahead of schedule, not delay your company's production plan.

3, if the first order do not know what kind of heating tube, and can contact us (13912189 and 824, Mr. blue) told us that you intend to use in what equipment, is expected to reach the number of temperature and so on, I will be the first time to give your company a positive reply on behalf of the company!

Wish you a happy life and a prosperous career!!!

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