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Reasons For Shortening Service Life Of Electric Heating Pipe
Aug 07, 2017

Reasons for shortening service life of electric heating pipe

Why is the heating tube short-lived?"

Shell: Welded and seamless

1, seamed tube can withstand the maximum operating pressure is generally less than 20 kg, which is the most secure use.

2 seamless tube can withstand ultra-high pressure, of course, its wall thickness will also increase, which needs to be designed according to pressure requirements.

3, there are some seamed steel pipe seamless treatment tube, it is the weld annealing treatment, eliminate the residual stress of the weld, the weld and base material, the pressure range of basic and seamless pipe is. May also consider the use of.

4, of course, the market also has some use overall heating after drawing steel pipe joints or mandrel rolling seamless steel pipe, mainly in small size, only in the shape of this kind of pipe belongs to the seamless tube, it is not very good, pay attention to oh!

If you use a pressure higher than 20 kg still use the seamed tube or by fourth kind of imitation seamless tube, will lead to the emergence of the heating medium pipe into the short circuit caused by tube blasting.

wall thickness

The wall thickness of the shell is also an important factor in service life. If the material is too thin, it may cause explosion.

Texture of material

The composition of the pipe, our ordinary consumers, of course, it is difficult to distinguish, which allows dishonest businesses profitable.

1) stainless steel 202 and stainless steel 304 basic performance is similar, only nickel content is few, compared to stainless steel 304 easy to rust.

We introduce two identification methods to safeguard customer's interests.

Identification method:

1, the friction spark identification method: using 304 materials and 202 materials, placed in high speed rotating grinder see sparks, friction due to high temperature, discharge quantity and shape of bifurcation to identification of chemical components and materials to produce all kinds of roughly the content of element particles at different oxidation.

2, stainless steel liquid identification method: can go to stainless steel accessories shop (such as river head prosperous, Xin Yongsheng) purchase, unit price 15 yuan a bottle. Stainless steel identification liquid will be placed on different materials, two to three minutes can be identified, will show different colors, and then refer to the manual contrast.

Heating medium

Scale is a factor affecting the life of heating tubes relatively large. In the heating pipe for heating water is much groundwater, or tap water, impurities, easy to scale, the scale is too thick, will lead to the spread of internal temperature of the heating tube, resulting in heating tube explosion.

Treatment method:

1, at present is the most effective treatment for green heating pipe.

2 、 adopt the lengthened steel core extrusion magnesium bar, put it on the opposite side of the electric heating pipe, effectively prolong the service life of the magnesium bar, ensure the maximum protection of the inner liner, and also make it difficult to make the electric heating pipe scale.

3. Use quartz glass electric heating tube to increase the caliber. The hard water, water scaling easy, because the quartz glass heating tube material for high purity silicon dioxide, physical and chemical properties of silica inert, in a heated state, is not easy to absorb impurities in quartz glass heating tube far infrared emission in the heating process, can play a certain role of softening water, so the electric heating tube is not easy to scale.

Resistance wire

Selection of materials

Because of the high temperature and short service life of nickel chromium iron, the temperature of nickel chromium aluminum is low and the service life is long, the nickel chromium iron is usually chosen by the manufacturers, but the nickel chromium aluminum is used by the customers.

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