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Restrictions On The Use Of Heating Tapes
Jun 26, 2017

The biggest limit of the electric plus tropics is because of the temperature, the load-Free state heating zone silicone heating temperature at about 200 degrees, the use of temperature can only reach 250 degrees, this temperature limits the use of the heating band. Another limitation is the heating power. The power of the heating belt is generally not too large, limiting the heating speed of the heating belt, so that it is rarely used in the heating of the moving object, because the loss of heat in the short time to replenish it.

The biggest disadvantage of the tropics is the heating temperature and heating speed, and the biggest feature of the tropics is its softness, so in some special occasions is a lot of heating methods can not be replaced, only use the same soft fly such as electromagnetic device as a heating way to replace, compared with the tropical fly, such as the electromagnetic heater itself heating maximum temperature can reach more than 600 degrees, heating speed than resistive heating block more than 25%, and each electromagnetic heating is equipped with insulation layer to make it than the general resistance heating energy-saving 30 Above。

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