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Safety Precautions For Tank Operation
Jan 25, 2018

Safety Precautions for Tank Operation

1) new or overhaul of the tank, should be carried out before the tank test, and preparation of the tank volume table.

    2) decided to check once again after oil into the tank all the accessories are complete, whether the connection is tightened, the valve opening and closing position is correct.

    3) After checking the oil intake, oil rate should be within the allowable range of the breathing valve.

    4) oil tanker should strengthen the patrol inspection, pay attention to whether the leakage of the weld or tank bottom phenomenon, and regularly check the foot, when the oil level is close to the safety of oil high, to strictly monitor to prevent the roof run oil accident.

    5) In accordance with the provisions of the tank structure and process conditions, should be clearly defined maximum oil tank height, (safe height) and the minimum oil height, oil, oil should be strictly controlled within the maximum oil within the height . Pumping oil, not less than the minimum oil height,

    6) Open the oil hole, the operator should stand in the upper hand to ensure that the absorption of fresh air, the amount of oil, the foot along the oil hole in the aluminum (or copper) guide groove down to avoid steel tape measure and hole Wall friction occurs sparks, check feet, the amount of oil hole cover should be tightly sealed, and pay attention to whether the cover gasket is intact.

    7) When the tank is heated, open the condensate valve first, and then gradually open the intake valve to prevent the hydraulic impact damage to the heating pipe weld, gasket or pipe accessories.

    8) Allow the tank to warm up only if the liquid level is more than 50 cm above the heating coil.

    9) oil heating temperature should be 15 ℃ lower than its flash point, due to operational needs, must raise the temperature, it shall not exceed 90 ℃, so as not to cause water inside the oil bumping accident.

    10) heavy oil tank for dehydration operation, the oil temperature is heated to 80 ℃ as well, open the valve by the small open - open - a small open principle, the operator should adhere to the post, in order to avoid running oil accident.

    11) oil tank heating, should be regularly temperature, and check the condensate backwater, found back to the water with oil, it is timely to find out the reasons.

    12) The tank should be regularly removed tank bottom sediment, cleaning time can be based on tank deposition and quality requirements may be, usually about two years cleaning time.

    13) When cleaning the tank, there must be adequate safety measures, and for the entry into the tank, not a single person into the tank, into the tank personnel who should be tied with strong life-saving signal rope, rope left in the tank, Near to often have a guardian, ready to rescue the tank staff.

    14) When cleaning the tank when the base oil discharged, the general use of steam or hot water to drive out the way the tank oil, and open the manhole and light hole for ventilation, and only when the tank gas concentration below the lower explosive limit, and oil Steam below the maximum allowable concentration before the tank operation to prevent gas explosion or poisoning.

    15) tank cleaning should be a detailed inspection of the tank and the status of various accessories, especially the lower manhole is closed tight, dehydration valve is closed, after the correct before the oil.

    16) Check regularly whether the respiratory valve action is sensitive, especially in the winter should pay attention to the valve of the valve and safety valve at the bottom of the water not to freeze, to prevent the oil out of the operating pressure over the permissible range and drum open , On the breathing valve and safety valve below the fire, but also regular checks to avoid clogging.

    17) irrigation areas are not allowed to wear chemical fiber clothing and nail shoes on the tank, are not allowed to hit the iron in the tank top, also not allowed in the top of the switch flashlight.

    18) Floating roof tank before use should pay attention to check the following matters:

      Whether the floating ladder in the track, guided carriage with or without jamming, sealing device is easy to use, the top hole is sealed, ventilation valve with or without blockage.

    19) within the floating roof oil tank for the first time (or after the first tank into the oil) Check the foot and the use of oil into the empty tank after 12 hours.

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