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Safety Rules For Plastic Injection Molding
Jan 25, 2018

Safety rules for plastic injection molding

1. Wear protective work wear before work.

     2. Pre-work check:

     ① check the mechanical transmission part of the machine, safety protection devices and electrical parts of the ground is good;

     ② pressure gauge instructions are correct, up and down the heating plate is flat solid, hot plate and machine tool insulation is good.

     ③ pump box, fuel tank is adequate, clean;

     ④ start the machine twice, to observe, make sure no abnormal phenomenon, before driving work.

     3. Work should pay attention to the operation of machine tools and found that abnormal parking to immediately check the car before the ban is prohibited.

     4. The machine is running. Do not connect the resistance wire to prevent electric shock.

     5. Heating plate and table to keep clean, is strictly prohibited in the heating plate heating food.

     6. After the adjustment of the safety valve, not tamper with, in order to avoid personal accident.

     7. After the work, to cut off the power, the machine handle on the neutral position, clean up the machine and the surrounding environment.

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